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Toronto ferry Trillium, Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands

Trillium’s Last Stand I

Ferry Trillium approaches Toronto Drydock, where she will be lifted from the water and placed on a barge for inspection.

Northern pike underwater, Deep Pike Cut, Toronto Islands


A mature northern pike swims in the shallows, reflected in the surface of water less than 6″ deep.

Skating on black ice, Outer harbour, Toronto Islands

Black Ice Reflections

Skating on the legendary black ice of 2005, between the Island and the Spit.  Will we ever see the likes of it again?

Fantastic ice sculpture panorama, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Internal Light

The small light on the breakwall at the end of Ward’s beach turns into a wonderful ice sculpture after a heavy winter storm. Click image to view larger.

Fantastical ice sculpture, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Ice Shrine

A winter storm turns a single lightbulb on a pole into a monstrous ice sculpture the size of a minivan.

Ice sailing and ferry Ongiara, Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands


Ice sailing under winter clouds on the frozen inner harbour, as the Ongiara sails past. Click image to view larger.

Jimmy Jones black ice 2005, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Jimmy Jones Center Ice

Jimmy Jones takes center ice with Leo and Samantha on the legendary black ice of 2005, seen here off the boardwalk and frozen all the way to the spit. Click image to view larger.

Doug Guildford, Wasp, Rogue Wave 2007, Toronto Islands


Doug Guildford’s Wasp floats serenely off of Ward’s Island during a calm Rogue Wave 2007 twilight.  (Click panorama to view larger.)

Black ice panorama, Toronto Outer Harbour, Toronto Islands

Distant City

Zeke and a friend light up the fabled black ice of 2005, seen here at sunset about half a kilometer off of the boardwalk. Click image to view larger.

Mitch Fenton, Dog, Rogue Wave 2005, Toronto Islands


Mitch Fenton’s Rogue Wave 2005 piece, Dog.

Leida Englar, Missing You, Rogue Wave 2005, Toronto Islands

Missing You

Leida Englar’s haunting piece in Rogue Wave 2005 entitled Missing You.

Doug Guildford, Rope, Rogue Wave 2005, Toronto Islands


Doug Guildford’s Rope adorns the eastern gap for Rogue Wave 2005, framing the now-defunct catamaran ferry that ran from Toronto to Rochester. Incidentally, The Cat has been rechristened the HSC Tanger Jet II, and runs between Morocco and Spain.

William Inglis Sunset

Ah, the good old days: the sun sets in July 2005, back when we could actually sit at the bow and stern on the upper deck of the William Inglis.  Hopefully the Coast Guard restrictions will be dealt with soon, and the current cattle barriers can be removed post haste. (Click image to view larger.)

Northern pike, Snug Harbour, Toronto Islands

Pike Poise

The rule of beginner’s luck seems to be a photographic constant:  deploy new gear to the field, and invariably something interesting will happen.  At least the first time, after that you might get nothing for weeks. This marks the first deployment of the FishEYE II, a.k.a. ‘Mr. Floaty’, an update to the original FishEYE I […]