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Backlit great egret, Long Pond, Centre Island, Toronto Islands


Brilliant sun shines through the wings of a Great Egret, highlighting the bone and multi-layered feather structures.

January bluebird, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Bluebird of Happiness

A bluebird lights up Channel Ave. on a cold January day. Thanks to David for the tip.

Porter Q400 aborted landing, Billy Bishop Airport, Toronto Islands

Roll Rate

A Porter Q400 rolls almost 20 degrees before aborting the landing during high winds.

Snowy Owl, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Island Snow

A snowy owl perches on the rocks at the end of Ward’s Beach in late November twilight.

Traffic jam in front of ferry docks, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Harbour Jam

The Wm. Lyon Mackenzie, leaving Centre Island dock, attempts to thread her way through a traffic jam of water taxis.  Eight taxis were attempting to get into the dock (six visible here) at the same time, a serious concern for paddlers attempting to cross the increasingly busy approach. Click image to view larger.

Snow dusted beaver, Snake Island, Toronto Islands

Snow Dusted

Snow dusts the face of a beaver after a freak spring snow squall.

Coyote camouflage, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Blending In

A Coyote blends into the background colours of early spring, in the Parks yard by the filtration plant.

American Wigeon, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

American Wigeon

An American Wigeon plies the waters off of Doughnut Island in the Spring of 2016.

American Coot on ice, Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands

American Coot

From the sasquatch files, an unexpected surprise:  an American Coot perches on the ice off of Ward’s Dock in February 2016.  A complete B-Roll shot, this was late in the evening with absolutely no light.

Snowy owl on ice, Outer Harbour, Toronto Islands

Snowy Striations

A snowy owl rests  on the ice south of the boardwalk, by Snake Island.

Great Horned Owl Portrait, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Red Eye Flight II

A great horned owl sits in a tree on Fourth St.  A quick pop of the camera flash turns the pupils red, like an inverted night heron whose eyes are predominantly red.

Wild turkey, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Endless Thanksgiving

A first look at an Island wild turkey foraging in the underbrush.

Cooper hawk, South Island, Toronto Islands

Hidden Cooper

A Cooper’s Hawk sits hidden in the branches west of Snake Island.  A Cooper’s couple raised a family in the area in 2011, it’s nice to see them back again.

Horned Grebe, Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands

Grebe Horns

A lovely horned grebe, migrating through, swims in the inner harbour.  Painfully shy, they were absolutely not interested in hanging out with the photographer.

Sunfish, Hanlan's Point, Toronto Islands

Island Iridescence

Glowing like a pet store tropical fish, a sunfish swims past an underwater remote near Pike Cut. Clarity of the lagoons is already dropping as the water temperature rises.  This b-roll image looks mottled due to air bubble contamination on the lens port, a common problem in summertime.

Northern pike, Snug Harbour, Toronto Islands

Pike Poise

The rule of beginner’s luck seems to be a photographic constant:  deploy new gear to the field, and invariably something interesting will happen.  At least the first time, after that you might get nothing for weeks. This marks the first deployment of the FishEYE II, a.k.a. ‘Mr. Floaty’, an update to the original FishEYE I […]

Northern Pike, Snug Harbour, Toronto Islands

Northern Beauty

During the winter months, the lagoons become almost sterile as all the larger fish head to deeper waters.  Crayfish, mink, beavers, and a few smaller fish can occasionally be seen going about their business under the ice, but nothing else. As the ice finally begins to clear out, the larger fish return and get ready […]

Blackbird and Supermoon, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Super Moonsong

A freshly returned blackbird sings to an almost full “supermoon“, adding his voice to the rising cacophony of the wet meadow in springtime.

Redtailed Hawk, Snake Island, Toronto Islands

Leading Edge

Soaring high over Snake Island, a red-tailed hawk shows off the tail feathers that are its namesake.

Great Horned Owl, South Island, Toronto Islands


A great horned owl wings its way silently over the RCYC’s south island, displaying the fine patterns in its outstretched feathers.  An absolutely awesome bird to see in flight.

Mixed-duck formation, Eastern Gap, Toronto Islands

Follow the Leader

A mixed formation of ducks fly through the eastern gap, mergansers playing follow-the-leader with a female long-tailed duck (née old squaw).

Coyote, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

Wile E I and II

A late twilight, and unfortunately distant, encounter with a resident Toronto Island coyote who wasn’t very happy with the human interloper on its turf. These are thoroughly tagged as b-roll shots, it was far too late in the evening for any sort of useable light. Still, it isn’t every day that you kayak past a […]

Beaver in winter, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Canadian Hero

A true Canadian hero:  a beaver, doing what it does best, hauls a branch out of the Ward’s dunes through a winter blizzard, back to the water where it will swim with it through the breaking surf to its lodge. Absolutely epic, for the amount of nutrition that the underbark of dogwood contains. This is […]

Beaver in winter surf, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Canadian Hero II

A Canadian epic:  a Toronto Island beaver hauls its catch through winter storm surge off of Ward’s Beach in the late January twilight. A definite B-roll shot, this is only of interest within the context of this photograph.