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Tourists in the rain, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Rainy Sunday

A surprise rainstorm on an otherwise sunny Sunday offers up a good reminder that there is almost no shelter at all on this end of the Island, a bit of a problem for tourists during the winter ferry schedule.

Large crowds getting on and off ferry Ongiara, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Climate Change Schedule

A balmy 22°C October day shows the inadequacy of the winter schedule:  a crowd of people Island-side prevents the passengers of Ongiara from disembarking.  With only one boat running, some tourists had waited for three boats to try to leave the Island. Click image to view larger.

Advance lineup sign, Jack Layton Ferry Terminal, Toronto Islands

Wicket 9

We knew it was coming.  A sign directs both tourists and residents to the same ticket booth for scanning of prepaid fares, an untenable solution during the summer months.  The new ticket system includes about ten wireless hand scanners and five wired scanners, why only one wicket was operational is an interesting question.  Also interesting […]

People playing Pokemon Go at night, Jack Layton Ferry Terminal, Toronto

Pokémon Ferry Day and Night

Also from the New Reality Department:  the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal is a new destination for players of Pokémon Go.  The top image, taken around 4:45p, shows people milling around outside the ferry docks, all playing Pokémon Go.  The bottom image, via Instagram, shows the scene at midnight. The original Instagram post can be found […]

A huge lineup waits to board the ferry William Inglis, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

The New Reality

A huge lineup of people files onto the William Inglis on a summer Saturday evening.  The lineup, beyond the capacity of the ferry, stretched around the waiting shed and halfway to the old firehall.

Baby raccoons on balcony, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Raccoon Jenga

Juvenile raccoons act like Jenga pieces after being rudely awakened from a summer snooze.

Ferry Ongiara side loading at ferry dock, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Side Loadin’

Wonders will never cease. Top: Ongiara, doing a work run, ties up beside Ward’s dock in a perfect position to side load, something that they seem incapable of doing in winter when the dock becomes unusable due to ice. Bottom: Something I’ve never seen before, two ferries (Ongiara and William Inglis) at Ward’s dock. Excuse […]

Please do not feed the Ongiara, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Ongiara Warning

A whimsical sign adorns the new fencing (aka ‘The Cage’) at the Ward’s Island ferry docks.

Ferry Ongiara in ice, Inner Harbour, Toronto Islands

Positive Negative

The changing face of Spring ice in the inner harbour reflects the darkness of an early morning and the lightness of an overcast midday.