Mink eating a crayfish, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Mink Snack

A mink enjoys a tasty crayfish on the shores of Centre Island.

Mink on shoreline of Centerville, Toronto Island Flood, Center Island, Toronto Islands

Centerville Mink

A mink tours the shoreline of Centerville, enjoying the complete solitude during the Flood of 2017.

Curious Mink, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Little Mink Feet

A curious mink perches on a rock by the old fire hall.

Mink on breakwall, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Boardwalk Fur

A mink pauses on the boardwalk breakwall, before heading into the pack ice between the Island and the Spit.

Crayfish Delight

A mink pauses momentarily on its way to dinner with a delectable crayfish, which it will consume  entirely except for the legs.

Mink portrait, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

Icy Whiskers

A mink, whiskers sporting ice in the -11°C air, surveys its surroundings on fresh ice formed by a sudden March cold snap.

Closeup of mink eating a crayfish, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Crayfish Delight

In our continuing series of Wildlife Sticking Their Tongues Out, a Centre Island mink crunches through a crayfish, consuming it entirely shell and all.

Mink, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Mink Angles

A mink poses on the broken cement that lines the lagoon around Far Enough Farm.

Swimming mink, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

Half Dry

A mink displays its curious ability to keep its top half dry while swimming near Doughnut Island.

Mink portrait, Ward's Island, Toronto Islands

Ready for the Closeup

A mink peers from a hollow log, trying to see if the coast is clear for its next dash to a safe stopping point.

Sprinting mink, Blockhouse Bay, Toronto Islands

Mink Sprint

A mink, exposed in the open, sprints to safety across the thinning ice of Blockhouse Bay (click for larger image).

Running mink, Algonquin Island, Toronto Islands

At the Races

A mink clears the ground, running along the western shore of Algonquin island.

Mink portrait, South Island, Toronto Islands

Say Hello

Up close and personal with mink whiskers on the ice near the RCYC.

Feeding mink, South Island, Toronto Islands


A mink noisily chews through a fish, on the ice near the RCYC.

Mink skull, Sans Souci, Georgian Bay

Mink Details

The carnivorous details of a perfectly preserved mink skull, found in the Sans Souci region of Georgian Bay.

Mink, Centre Island, Toronto Islands

Humpback of Notre Island

A mink scampers along the lagoon’s edge at the south side of the Manitou Bridge.

Mink, Centre Island, Toronto Islands


A late-season mink roams the shoreline of Centre Island. When they’re wet, they look positively vicious. When they’re dry, they look remarkably cute.

Mink underwater, Snug Harbour, Toronto Islands

Proof of Concept

Hot on the heels of their newfound popularity from the front-page Toronto Star article, a curious Toronto Island mink checks out the experimental IceCam, underwater and under the ice near Snug Harbour. A terrible photograph by any stretch of the imagination, there isn’t much light down there, but an interesting portrait of our furry little […]

Mink skull, Sans Souci, Georgian Bay

Nightmare on Mink St.

The carnivorous teeth of a mink skull discovered in the Sans Souci area of Georgian Bay.

Mink, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

Mink Nose

A mink’s little pink nose reflects perfectly in the calm waters off of Doughnut Island.

Mink on log, Doughnut Island, Toronto Islands

Furry When Wet

A mink (Neovison vison) poses on a log near Doughnut island.